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About Us

What is Glitter Moose? 

Glitter Moose is a women-owned indie cosmetic brand based out of the West Coast that specializes in all things shimmery. We started this business hoping to provide fun body and face glitter in a responsible way. We work hard to make sure all of our ingredients are coming from the right places, maintain standards of quality, and stay within the price range of all of our festive family! We want to continue selling our products with minimal packaging to keep overall waste and costs down so that we can prioritize providing our customers with affordable products. As a smaller company we can provide a much more personal, responsive experience to our customers, and ensure consistent quality in our mixes. Thanks for checking us out! 

Linda - The originator and progenitor of Glitter Moose! I’ve always loved sparkly things, fun colors, and pretty much anything that helps a person get happy and look good doing it. Glitter just encapsulates all of that, but it fits in a tube. My job is research and development, product testing, product innovation, and order fulfillment. All of the glitters we have for sale were mixed at my station. I like experimenting with colors and textures, and working to find components that check all of the boxes for quality, responsible sourcing, and affordability. If I can help someone feel just a little bit brighter in this crazy world, I consider that a win!

Elle - I’m a makeup content creator by trade- I discovered Glitter Moose years ago when I was searching for the BEST chunky glitter for my makeup looks. Ever since I fell in love with their Unicorn Goop' iridescent gel, I haven’t looked back! I now manage the social media account as well as curate page content/ product photography. Which is easier said than done, there are thousands of glitter grains and the camera wants to choose the wrong one to focus on...

Kat - I’m the newest addition to the team. My job is basically to come up with punny glitter names, and then make the most ridiculous blurb I can think of to go with it. Glitter is fun! It’s a form of self-expression that anyone can rock regardless of race, age, or gender. It can also help elevate your mood which is super helpful right now, though I wouldn’t recommend it for a job interview. I think it’s only right to pair fun sparkly things with fun sparkly commentary - it encourages creativity. 

But why Glitter Moose you ask? During our launch prep phase, brand name was one daunting task that took longer than expected. It happened as I was sitting on my couch thinking about business names, soothing the brain burn with some rocky road, and watching a special on Animal Planet. It was about wildlife in Alaska, and as a moose wandered across the screen, I paused in my ice cream sulk and thought, “Disco Moose” and got ice cream up my nose. I figured Disco Moose conjured too many images of spandex (which is a bad idea - Moose can get up to 1,500 lbs and have a nasty temper so squeezing one into a go-go suit would be a job and a half. Gives a whole new meaning to Moose Knuckle), so I went with Glitter Moose instead!