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Dime Shaker - Phoenix Red Mini Body Glitter Shaker
Glitter Moose

Dime Shaker - Phoenix Red Mini Body Glitter Shaker

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Imagine the scene: You, the international super spy/popstar/expert in archery and seven languages. You’ve managed to infiltrate the enemy base using your popstar persona’s charisma to charm the gate guards. So far so good - you’re on-track to complete your mission and SAVE THE WORLD! Many challenges and traps lie ahead, but fortunately you’ve brought with you your trusty Dime Shaker fine shimmer glitter kit from Glitter Moose - appropriate for all occasions including but not limited to overthrowing dictatorships, defusing doomsday bombs with five seconds left on the clock, looking great, and having an excellent time - and you have just what you need. 

Iridescent Purple: You’ve run up against another guard only this one doesn’t seem to be a fan of your music. He’s grown suspicious, and is about to radio for assistance when you reach into your kit and break out your Purple Dime Shaker. With a negligent flick of the wrist and a fountain of purple, you throw on that royal persona like an expensive mink coat but without the questionable sourcing. Arrayed in all of your violet shimmery glory, you glide past the guard barking orders, accusing them of failing to meet uniform standards, and demanding a full inspection on your next visit - the guard subsides, pale and shaking. You have won. 

Iridescent Baby Blue: Another hurdle - you’ve stumbled into the on-site childcare facility in the Top Secret Bad Guy Lair. You’re impressed that they’ve invested this much in their personnel, and have a better understanding of their employee’s loyalty. You wonder if they have Dental. How to get through the horde of tiny terrors unsticky and unscathed? How to stop them raising the alarm with their piercing cries and demands for sugar?! It’s time to bust out the Baby Blue Dime Shaker. In a puff of shine and sublime blue, you melt into the background of the softly coloured room, blending into the fluffy blankets, soft toys, and adorable picture books. 

Iridescent White: You’ve made it past several obstacles now, and are ever closer to reaching the final confrontation. All you have left to do is to make it past this deadly laser grid - you wish you’d done more yoga. The lasers are too tightly packed for you to try to gymastics your way past, but you’ve got an even better idea than ill-advised contortionism. You pop the lid off of your White Dime Shaker, and with its radiance you redirect those lasers back into themselves and short out the system. This death trap turned into an easy walk down a quiet hall, and you didn’t even have to warmup stretch. Well done! 

Phoenix Red: This is it. The big show. The final countdown. The end of the line! The horrible villain is within your reach, gloating on their ice palace throne. The only problem is this ice palace is freezing - literally - and you forgot your thermal underwear. There’s only one option left. You grab that Phoenix Dime Shaker from your kit, and as you smooth it on to your cheekbones you feel the temperature rising. The ice of this palace is no match for the glimmering orange triumph of your face, and it melts from underneath your nemesis. It looks like they should have spent less time scheming and more time down at the local fitness center, because they don’t seem to be able to swim. You slap the cuffs on them as you fish them out and radio for pickup. Another day saved, and another battle won. 

APPLY by shaking glitter directly on skin or mix it with your favorite moisturizer before applying on skin for a suhweeeet subtle shimmer.  

REMOVE the glitter by using a cotton pad soaked with baby oil or your favorite makeup remover. Please make sure to dispose all glitter products properly in the trash, DON'T WASH ANY GLITTER DOWN THE SINK OR DRAIN. 

TEST any new cosmetic product on a small area before using the product. We use the same polyester material and cosmetic-safe pigments as our fine cosmetic grade glitter for our Chunky Glitters, but always be careful when using large particles around your eyes. If the glitter enters your eye, rinse immediately- if the irritation persists, seek medical help.

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